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Book Response

Heroes of the Valley was an enjoyable read through and through. I enjoyed reading the tale of Halli Sviensson and how his family grew and how the valley came to be. It started off with Halli being born and him growing up and becoming a young man. As he grew, he played pranks, tricks on his family and the servants of his household. The only one who had paid any attention to him was his uncle, Brodir, who told him tales of his journey through the valley.

However, soon Brodir is murdered by a person from another house. Angered by this, Halli goes after his killer in the dead of night and with in 3 weeks, he reaches the house of Hakon, home of his uncle murderer. As infiltrates and enters the room of the murder, he finds that he can not kill the murderer and is about to leave as the murderer wakes up. A chase is started and ends the the murderer and the Hakon house being set aflame. Halli escapes and is chased back to the house of Arne, where he meets with his friend Aud, a daughter of the house. She helps him get back on his feet and he returns to the house of Svien.

End of part 1.




Earth, a place still currently considered the only place with living life. All alone, not another planet like it. It only has the moon as a companion. But the moon is dead, just like everything else in the galaxy. This picture shows how alone the earth really is, yet how special it is. A swirling mass of white and blue, filled with life, from the smallest plankton to the giant Blue Whale. Truly a magnificent jewel in the dark place we call space.


I interviewed Rogelio Rojas and asked him some questions.

  • What makes a video game for you?

A game with interesting characters, deep thought into stories/good plots, scenery, a good challenges, and survival.

  • Is a good narrative needed in a game?

Yes, everything needs a good story. A video game is not a video game if it doesn’t have a good story.

  • Is video games connected with violence?

Not all, just a coincidence, but can give someone an idea to do something, like rob a bank.




This website is about a way ANYONE can make video games. The author is saying how easy it is to make a video game. You don’t need a full team and how you don’t have to make a completely original game. You can just make a game how you want and what you want in it. Don’t bother making a 50 hour rpg, just make something small and do other small things. keep on improving yourself, till you can do something larger and grow in experience. But keep that original dream in mind, and improve on it as you get better.




In this article, the author talks about how there is no link between playing a violent video game. Scientists have studied that while the children do get a higher level of aggression after playing a violent game, if given a goal, like shooting a zombie to save a friend’s life, their level of anger is lower than those told to mow them all down. The thing though, is that there is not real way to measure aggression and people tend overlook certain aspects, like age, geography and other variables. Also, a long term study can only show a correlation. The question has yet to answered, and there still other things in a game, such as if playing multiplayer online or in the same room has any effect in the long run. Only more research can tell if video games and violence are linked.


What this article is talking about is that there are studies that say playing violent video games do lead to having violent tendencies, being antisocial, and being disconnected with reality. The children tend to get addicted to the games and come to think that being violent is a norm. HOWEVER, playing violent video games for a limited time encourages children to “save the world” and “be the hero”. And if played with friends an family, they may increase their social, teamwork and sharing skills. And it may not just be video games. It could be low-self esteem, antisocial groups and overall, an insecure life.



I’m gonna break down what I’m gonna do.

1. I’m gonna make a video game.

2. I doubt I’ll have help on this project.

3. My audience is me. No one else.

4. I want to do this project, because I love video games and grew up with them. So, the only logical thing to do is make a video game.

5. What I expect to learn is how to make a video game.

6. The product I expect to have at the end of four weeks is a video game.

7. I hope to have no expenses at all.

8. The only equipment I’ll probably need is a computer and a video game making program.

9. I currently have no timeline, and will probably never make one. I work how I want, when I want.